The suction cup is a component of the Logitech Alert 750n & 750i Master System and Alert 700n & 700i Add-On Camera package.

The larger suction cup is used to hang the Alert camera from a window. The suction cup connects to the back or front of the camera. If the user screws the suction cup onto the back, the camera’s lens points into the house. If the user screws the suction cup onto the front of the camera, the camera’s lens can be directed to monitor a zone outside of the house.

Installation note

Clean the window’s surface and the inside area of the suction cup before applying it to the window. Periodically press the suction cup against the glass to strengthen its bond to the window.


700n Cautionary Note: Are you using the 700n camera to look out a window? Only use for non-night vision applications or when a secondary outdoor lighting source is available. Infrared illumination used in night vision cameras cannot penetrate glass and can adversely affect picture quality. You can turn off night vision in the Settings > Camera > camera name > Advanced > Night Vision Off.



Suction Cup