The  network adapter allows you to connect your Logitech Alert 700n, 700i, or 700e Outdoor cameras to Commander over your network.

The Network adapter provides the interface between the PC and the powerline data link. It communicates with the PC via the router. The PC sends commands to the cameras to configure and control them. It receives the status from these units, as well as the compressed video streams.

The network adapter can be plugged into an outlet close to the router. Then, take the CAT5e cable supplied with the powerline bridge (or another CAT5e cable) and plug one end into the powerline bridge and the other to the router or switch.

Note: If you are planning on using your own hand-built CAT5e cable, validate the cable connections are sound by using a professional cable tester. (Warning: incorrectly connected cables may cause damage to either your cameras or network equipment.)

Installation Note:

Caution should be used when plugging the Logitech Alert network adapter into a surge protector, power strip, extension cord or UPS (un-interuptable power supply) because they may filter, interfere with or even block signal transmission. To eliminate any potential issues, we recommend plugging the network adapter into your wall outlet.

Note: Logitech Alert network adapters has its own built-in surge protectors.

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