The CAT 5e cable carries DC power from the camera power supply to the camera and provides the network connection for digital data communications to and from the camera. The cable supplied with the video security system and camera has been specifically selected because it is small, flexible, and unobtrusive, in comparison to a typical CAT 5e cable.

Note:  The Alert Camera Master System and Add-On Camera supplies you with 10′ (3′ m) of cable. For the Outdoor Camera Master System and Add-On Camera, the length of the cable is 20′ (6 m).

You are not limited to the length of cable provided. The cameras can be connected to a cable as long as 100′. An off-the-shelf CAT-5 cable from any electronics store will work with the Alert camera video security system. It’s just bigger in size and less visually appealing, in most cases.

However, for the Outdoor camera, please purchase longer CAT-5e cable from  (Accessories).

Ethernet Cable