The power supply serves two primary functions to the camera. First, the power supply provides power for the camera. Second, it transmits the live and recorded video feed from the camera to the PC running Alert Commander.

The power supply connects to the camera using the CAT 5e cable supplied in the retail package.

There are a few rules you should know about using this unit.

Installation Notes: Alert 700n & 700i Camera Power Supply

Caution should be used when plugging the Logitech Alert camera power supply into a surge protector, power strip, extension cord or UPS (un-interuptable power supply) because they may filter, interfere with or even block signal transmission. To eliminate any potential issues we recommend plugging the power supply directly into your wall outlet.

Note: Logitech Alert power supplies has its own built-in surge protectors.

Installation Notes: 700e Outdoor Camera Power Supply

The power supply unit is weatherproof and can be installed outdoors. Use these tips to ensure reliable power supply usage. Make sure the outdoor outlet is weatherproof.

1. Do NOT place on the ground.
2. Do NOT plug the power supply into the wall so that it lays horizontally or flat.
3. Do NOT mount the power supply upside down. Keep the cable connector port on the bottom.
4. Avoid direct sunlight.
5. Do not plug the power supply unit into a surge suppressor, a UPS, or some other filtering unit. It can be plugged into a regular extension cord or non-surge power strip.
6. The unit is designed to be used indoors.

The camera power supply unit is a component of the Logitech Alert Master System and Alert Add-On Camera package.

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