The Logitech Alert 700n camera is wide-angle night vision smart camera that can be used for applications inside the home. The HD video and illumination makes it easier for you to recognize people and other objects during the day or night.

The Alert 700n can be placed almost anywhere using the included desktop stand, wall mount, or suction cup.

· attach to a window—point it inside to monitor a room or entryway (†)
· from a wall
· from the ceiling
· from any flat surface such as a shelf, desk, curio, hutch, or countertop


Like the Indoor 700i and Outdoor 700e cameras, the Indoor 700n uses HomePlug® networking which is a technology that uses your electrical wiring and outlets to connect your camera to the network and transmit video securely. And the live and recorded video can be viewed in Alert Commander and online using Web Viewer.


(†) WARNING: Are you using the 700n camera to look out a window? Only use for non-night vision applications or when a secondary outdoor lighting source is available. Infrared illumination used in night vision cameras cannot penetrate

glass and can adversely affect picture quality. You can turn off Night Vision in the Settings > Camera > camera name > Advanced>Night Vision Off.


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