When the camera detects motion within the specified zones, video recordings are saved to the microSD card installed to the Alert and Outdoor cameras. This is important, especially if the camera is unplugged from the network or the PC running the Commander software is turned off.

If and when the camera is connected to the network, and the Commander software is turned on, then the video files recorded to the camera’s microSD card will automatically be uploaded to the Commander software so that you can view the recorded files on the Playback screen.

These recorded video files will be stored in the Commander video folder on the hard drive on which Commander is installed (i.e. C:Logitech Alert Recordings folder).

Of course, if you specified a different storage file location while completing the  Install Wizard, then the Video folder and video files will be stored at that location (i.e to a different hard drive such as G:Logitech Alert Recordings).

You will notice multiple sub-folders included in the Video folder. Each sub-folder represents a camera that has been installed on the Commander. Each camera installed on the security system is given a unique MAC address. It is camera name plus this address that you see listed as the name for each sub-folder.

Video files are then stored under the folder representing the camera they were captured by.

Video files are saved in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC file format. Video recordings can be played using the free Apple QuickTime player or other player that supports H.264 video playback.


Download location for QuickTime: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

When the camera records events