You can maximize the camera video viewing windows so that it takes up the monitor’s entire screen.

To set the camera window(s) into full-screen mode, simply click on the “Maximize” icon in the title bar controls.

The Maximize icon is active from both the Live Screen and Playback Screen. (If you activate full-screen mode while on the Playback Screen, the playback controls will not be available to use. The Playback controls are only available in standard viewing mode).

Full-screen mode hotkeys


Toggle between full-screen mode and normal mode.

Esc, Spacebar, & Enter

Return to normal mode.


Full-screen mode features

While activating full-screen mode from the Live or Playback screens, the following options are available:

§ Drag/drop to rearrange camera windows.
§ Double-click on a camera window to toggle between full-screen and multiple screen modes.
§ Press the keys Alt +Tab to go to another application window.  The camera windows will be in the background.

Viewing camera panel in full-screen mode