There are two operating modes for Commander: Full and Background.

When your Commander is running in Full Mode, you have full access to the complete Windows interface. You can see what your cameras are seeing, search through and replay what your cameras recorded (in the Playback screen), and have access to the Settings windows.

In Background mode, however, Commander literally runs in the background. You do not have monitoring abilities or access to any controls until you switch it back to Full mode. You can tell that you are in background mode because you will see a small icon of the Alert Camera in the system tray.

You can also run Commander in Background Mode by clicking the Commander icon (Alert Commander ccapp 16x16 Switch to background mode)in the system tray and  selecting Hide Commander.

In Background Mode, Commander continues to record video while using very little CPU. This allows you to use all of your normal applications on a minimally configured machine.

Switching to full mode

From Background mode, the simple way to show Commander is to double-click on the icon in the system tray. You can also switch to full mode by clicking on the Commander icon and choosing the option Show Commander.

System Tray Right-Click Option Descriptions



Show Commander

Display the  Commander for use.

Hide Commander

If the  Commander is displayed, this option closes the Commander to the system tray. The Commander is still running in the background.

Disable all desktop alert windows

Enable or disable all desktop alert options.

Mute all desktop alert sounds

Checkbox. If marked, all desktop alert sounds are muted.   If unchecked, sounds are enabled.


Close down Commander.


Icon Tool Tips

You can move your mouse over the Commander icon (Alert Commander ccapp 16x16 Switch to background mode) in the system tray to see whether Commander is connected to online.

Switch to background mode