In the video navigation window, there is a camera/video line for each camera. The left section of the video navigation window lists all of the cameras on the network.


Alert Commander playback timeline list of cameras Selecting Cameras to View

Figure 1: Playback’s list of cameras in the video navigation timeline


By default, all cameras are “Active” and you can view the video recordings for all cameras. However, you can inactivate as many cameras you want so you are seeing and hearing only the video and audio for a specific camera.

The eye icon Alert Commander playback timeline eye icon Selecting Cameras to Viewat the right of the camera’s name means the camera is “active” and its recorded video events will play in the Playback video windows

To “deactivate” a camera and hide all of the video recordings from displaying in the video navigation section, click on the eye icon. The eye icon is grayed out Alert Commander playback timeline eye inactive icon Selecting Cameras to View. And the video segments for that camera will disappear from the video navigation window.


Video recordings display as teal and gray colored segments. The teal bars represent video recordings that are currently stored on the PC.  Gray colored bars are video recordings that are recognized by the Commander software but they have not been uploaded from the camera yet.


Alert Commander playback timeline window Selecting Cameras to View

Figure 2: Playback’s video navigation timeline window



To turn the video for a camera on or off, click the eye icon Alert Commander playback timeline eye icon Selecting Cameras to View next to the camera name.

When you click on the camera’s eye icon to disable a camera, the teal and gray (and protected) video segments for that camera are hidden.

Note: If Commander cannot find a video location, it will display a warning message in the timeline and an error icon over the Settings button and in the Settings dialog window.

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