If you see a video that you want to save while you are watching it on the Playback screen:

1. Pause the video using the playback controls.

2. Move your mouse over the camera video playing window and click on the Tools icon.

3. Select  the “Save Video Segment” option.

The standard Microsoft “Save As” dialog window displays, prompting you to specify the location where you want to save the file and to give it a new file name (optional).  If you don’t change the location setting, Microsoft Save As will save it to My Documents > My Pictures. And if you don’t change the name of the video recording, then it will be saved as the default camera name, which is the name of the camera and the date-time stamp, e.g. Driveway 2010-08-26 225013.  

Note: Saving a video segment does not effect the original video segment recorded by Commander. All this option is doing is saving a copy of the video segment to the location that you designate.

Note: You can also right-click on the green bar in the video timeline for any video segment and select “Save Current Segment…”

Saving a Recorded Video