Commander automatically deletes old video recordings when the disk storage settings on the PC have reached their limit. If there is a video recording that you do not want to be deleted, Commander allows you protect it.

Video recordings are protected from the Playback screen. Using the video timeline window, follow these instructions to protect a video recording:

1. Navigate to the video segment that you want to protect. The red timeline bar will be paused on it.
2. Click on the Tools icon in the upper right corner of the camera video window and select the option Protect Video Segment. Protected video recordings are red in color.

Note: You can also protect a video segment by right-clicking on a teal video segment in the timeline and selecting Protect Video.


Alert Commander playback timeline protected video Protecting a Recorded Video Segment

Figure 1: Playback camera video timeline: protected video recording



Note: You cannot protect recorded videos on the microSD card on the camera, only on the PC.

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