While playing recorded video recordings on the Playback screen, you can hover over any camera video window and then click on the Tools icon to access these options.

Playback Window Right-Click Options

Toggle Full View

Toggles the camera video window between full screen or normal viewing mode.

Protect Video Segment

Protect the video segment you just right-clicked on.

Unprotect Video Segment

Unprotects the protected video clip you just right-clicked on.

Save Current Segment

Opens the Windows Save As dialog, allowing you to save the current file to another location on your hard drive or network.

Delete Video Segment

Delete the video segment you just right-clicked on.

Print Current Frame

Opens the Windows Print dialog window, allowing you to print the current frame from your local printer.

Save Current Frame

Opens the Windows Save As dialog window, allowing you to save a current frame in one of four formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF. Select the location where you want the file saved (default is ), and rename the file from the default name.


Opens the Video Properties window, allowing you to see the metadata attached to the video file. Details include the camera number, camera name, bitrate, and whether the file has been protected, triggered an alert, and was uploaded to your  Online account.  You can also enter your own brief description or upload it to your Platinum  Online storage account.


Each of these operations executes on the current video segment. To manage a different video segment, click on the segment in the Playback Navigation window.

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