The three main display icons in Commander offer access to primary management and monitoring screens — the Live screen, the Playback screen, and the Settings program.


Alert Commander opens live screen Main display icons

Opens the Live screen where you can monitor live streaming video from up to six cameras in a single viewing window. Layouts for viewing cameras can be changed and email alerts can be turned on or off.

Alert Commander opens playback screen Main display icons

Opens the Playback screen where you can find, view, and manage recorded video segments that have been uploaded from the camera’s video storage (microSD card) to the video storage folder on the PC.

Alert Commander opens settings screen Main display icons

Opens the Settings dialog screens where you to set and modify camera and system settings, view information and statistics regarding the cameras, network, and system. Settings consists of seven dialog windows— Cameras, Motion, Alerts, Security and Web, Storage, Diagnostics, and General.

Main display icons