From time-to-time, you may remove a camera from your system. Commander, by default, saves the settings and position of the camera that you remove, expecting that you may add it back to the system. In some cases, you may permanently move a camera to another location. In these cases, you may want to delete the camera from the database.

Remove a camera by following these instructions:

1. Make sure the camera is not plugged in so that it is not connected to the network. (If it is still plugged in, Commander will automatically rediscover it.)
2. In the camera video window, click on the camera actions icon and select the “Remove Camera” option.

Note: You can delete a camera from the Settings > Cameras. Simply select the screen for the Camera name, click on Advanced, and then press the Remove Camera button.

Video that has been recorded by the camera will not be viewable from the Playback screen.

Removing a camera from Live screen