You can print or save a frame of video while you are watching live video on the Live screen.

Place your mouse over the camera video window showing the video. Click on the camera actions icon and select the option you want.

Printing a Current Frame

When you select Print Current Frame, Commander uses the Windows print interface, which will automatically try to adjust the picture to match your printer’s capabilities. You may not get great results when printing to a black and white printer.

Saving a Current Frame

When you choose Save Current Frame, Commander gives you the ability to save a current frame in four formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF.

If you select to save the frame in JPEG format, you have the ability to select the quality setting by entering a quality figure (from 1 to 100%) or manually moving the quality bar.

The default name of the file represents the camera name, date, and time (24 hours clock). However, you can change the filename.

Commander also remembers the last file type you selected, the directory you saved the last image to, and the quality options you selected.  It will use these as settings as the default the next time you save a current frame.

Printing or saving on Live screen