In the Live view, Commander plays the live feed from each camera connected to the network. If more than one camera is installed to the video security system, each camera will be assigned a camera number; and depending on that number is how they will be displayed on the Live and Playback screens. The active camera has a teal border around the camera video window.

For example, consider that you have 4 cameras and they are displaying in the 4-video window view. The lowest camera number (i.e., Camera1) will display in the upper-left corner; Camera2 will display in the upper-right corner; Camera3 will display in the lower-left corner; and Camera4 will appear in the lower-right corner.

The easiest way to change camera number is to click-and-drag a camera’s viewing window on top of another camera’s window. This automatically changes the camera order.

You can also change the camera order following these instructions:

1. Click the options icon on the camera video window for the camera that you want to change.

2. Select Change Camera Order. The Change Camera Order screen displays.

3. In the New Camera Number field, enter the new position you want for the camera (i.e. 1).

You can manually enter a number or use the increase/decrease arrow buttons to select the desired number.

Changing Camera Order