Each camera video window offers functions for cameras depending on the state of the camera — connected, connected with sound, connected without sound, or disconnected. These options include camera settings and features, camera maintenance, and audio settings.

These options can be accessed by clicking on icons that are overlayed on the camera video window. These icons will only display when you carry the mouse over the top of that camera’s video window.


Alert Commander camera actions Camera video window options

A Camera Actions  icon displays when the camera is connected and streaming video. The options accessible include:

Toggle Full View

Camera Settings…

Motion Detection Setup…

Test Powerline Strength…

Test Camera Bandwidth…

Print Current Frame

Save Current Frame

Change Camera Order

Remove Camera

Alert Commander camera maintenance Camera video window options

A Camera Maintenance icon displays when the camera is not connected or is offline. The options available by clicking on the icon are:

Find Camera

Remove Camera


Note: The active camera has a teal border around the camera video window.

Camera video window options