The Alerts Status panel is located on both the Live and Playback screens. The panel allows the user to see if the Alerts set for highlighted camera are active (armed) or inactive (not armed).


The customer can also easily switch alerts on or off for the selected camera. Click on the E-Mail Alerts button — the one that will show the text “Alerts Armed” or “Alerts Not Armed”. This action opens the Settings > Alerts > E-Mail screen on which you can turn off or turn on e-mail alert settings.


Alert Commander email alerts armed Alerts status controls

Figure 1: example of E-Mail Alerts section on Live Screen. Alerts are turned on for the selected camera. 


Here is a table of descriptions for each option:



Alerts Armed

A status control that informs the customer that the selected camera is 1) running on the network; 2) whose alerts are armed and ready to send an email to an email address or mobile phone when motion from the armed camera is detected and thus, automatically records.

Alerts Not Armed

A status control accessible on the Live and Playback screens. It signifies that alerts for the selected camera are not active.


When Comander is first installed, the Alerts Status Control panel displays “Alerts Not Armed” until the selected camera has been set up to send alerts and that email addresses have been assigned.

Alert Icon: System Tray Note: The context menu only includes the options that give the customer the ability to turn on or off desktop alerts.

Alerts status controls