Digital pan tilt zoom increases the monitoring capability and scope of a camera’s digital video image by selecting a camera from the Alert Commander Live View and digitally repositioning the camera so that it pans left or right, tilts up or down, or zooms in on the scene displaying.

The Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) section is located on the Live View screen.  It includes numbered icons that represent each camera; a replica of the streaming video from the camera selected; up and down tilt buttons; left and right pan buttons; increase/decrease zoom buttons; and audio options, too.

Because Logitech video security cameras use 140 degree lenses, the resolution of a camera’s recording is 960×720. At full zoom-out, you can zoom into the frame 12 steps.  And you can pan or tilt in increments of 10 pixels.  The default position of a camera’s view when first starting PTZ is centered, at a 1.00:1.00 ratio.

Note: When the Zoom factor is greater than 0%, you can use the mouse to drag the viewing window around the image in order to find and pinpoint a segment you want to more closely monitor.


Motion Zones in PTZ

Motion zones are fixed to the coordinates you set in PTZ, meaning that only the motion that occurs within the area you have set will trigger recording.

Use the Pan, Tilt, Zoom feature by selecting a camera from the camera video windows and begin adjusting the video using the PTZ options.


Alert Commander pan tilt zoom descriptions 5 2010 Digital pan tilt zoom

Digital pan tilt zoom