Desktop notifications allows you to set unique PC alerts that include text, an image, and a distinguishing sound so that you not only see the notification but you hear it as well.

Desktop notifications display whenever an important Commander event occurs such as when a camera is lost or found or when motion has been detected by a camera.

Note: You can turn on or off desktop notifications from the Commander Software icon in the system tray.

Desktop notifications are turned on or off on the Settings > Alerts > Desktop tab. See Setting Desktop Notifications for details.

Here are four examples of the notifications that will appear on the desktop.

New Camera Discovered

Camera Not Detected

When a camera is discovered by your Commander software, the notification will display the type of camera + the icon of the camera discovered.

When a camera is no longer detected by Commander, the notification will display and relay the camera’s name so you know exactly which camera to check on.

Motion Detected

Camera Found Again

When a camera detects motion, the notification will display and relay the camera’s name and display a thumbnail of the recording from the camera that detected motion.

When a camera (that is a known camera to the network) is rediscovered by Commander, a notifcation will display that lists the cameras name so you know that it has been reconnected.


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