The Logitech Video Security System is a robust video monitoring system for your home or small business. The video security system encompasses the Alert Commander software, Alert and Outdoor cameras, Web Viewer, Web Commander, and Mobile Commander. The Web Viewer, Web Commander & Mobile Commander allow you to remotely view your cameras from anywhere in the world at any time. Overall, the video security system enables you to view live, streaming video from up to six cameras, which is transmitted via the electrical wiring in your home.


The main software you will be using to monitor live and recorded video is called Alert Commander, also known simply as Commander or Alert Software. Specifically, Alert Commander is a powerful-but-simple software program that allows you watch live video from cameras, archive recorded video from cameras, search for and view recorded video, manage schedule e-mail alert time periods, and configure camera and remote viewing settings.


Two main views: live and playback

The Commander Windows interface has two main views: Live and Playback. The Live View allows you to monitor and manage the live camera feeds. The Playback view allows you to find, view, and manage video recordings.  The active camera has a teal border around the camera video window.


The title bar and the main feature icons Live, Playback, and Settings, appear in both the Live and Playback modes. In Live view, you also have the ability to arm or disarm scheduled e-mail alert time periods.


Two operating modes: full and background

The Commander application has two operating modes: Full and Background. In Full Mode, Commander provides you with a complete Windows interface, making it easy to monitor and manage your video feeds. In Background Mode, Commander closes its Windows interface and displays a small icon in the system tray. While running in Background Mode, Commander continues to record video on motion, using very little CPU. This allows you to use all of your normal applications, even on a minimally configured machine.


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