There are two types of audio functions: 1) the audio that you can hear from Commander as you are watching live, streaming video from the selected camera; and 2) the audio that the cameras pick up. You can mute the output audio being played by Commander but you cannot mute the audio picked up from the camera. You can turn off the audio picked up by the camera, however.

The following instructions address both scenarios:

Muting Commander’s output audio

You can mute the output sound played through Commander by clicking the Mute icon on the audio slider below the PTZ section.


Alert Commander mute Muting sound

Figure 1: example of Mute icon on Live screen.


Turning off a Camera’s audio

Mute the audio that a camera picks up by following these instructions:

1. Click on the Settings icon.

2. Go to Cameras > [Camera Name].

3. In the Enable Audio checkbox, you will find that is checked, meaning that it is active.  Click on this checkbox and it will remove the check mark. This turns off the ability of the camera to pick up and record audio.


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