As a user, you can control the audio listening (Live & Playback audio) experience; listen to a single audio stream from the selected camera; select a different camera in order to listen to its audio stream; and mute the sound for a camera.

You can expect to hear audio for a camera when the following is applicable:

1. Audio has been turned on for the camera. (See Enable camera audio).

2. You have selected the camera by double-clicking on it or by making it the “default camera.”  (By default, C1 is the default or focus camera.) The selected camera (or the camera in focus) has a teal-colored border around the video. This is applicable if you have more than 1 camera installed on your system.

3. The master volume control is turned up so you can hear the audio input from the camera. (To adjust the volume beyond the master volume control, you need to go to the Camera gain control in Settings > Cameras > [Camera name] and use the volume slider).


Playback Screen rules

· The audio volume from the selected camera plays from the PC and can be adjusted with the master volume control in Commander.
· As the timeline moves between clips, only the selected camera will play audio. Non-focused cameras will play without audio.
· For overlapping video recordings, audio will only play for the selected camera.

Audio rules and expectations in Commander