The cable connecting the camera to the power supply is too short

§ Use the Ethernet cable connector to lengthen the cord to the camera.
§ Purchase a standard CAT5e Ethernet cable from you local computer accessory retailer (up to 80 feet). (Note: crossover CAT5 cables will not work with our system.)

I want my cameras to be displayed in a different order than Commander is displaying them.

From the Live screen, click on a camera video window and drag it to the window where you want it to display.  This rearranges camera order automatically.

I cannot see images in low light conditions

§ Check the Setings > Camera > Camera Name > Advanced settings section. The Auto Brightness option will allow the smart Camera to automatically adjust to changing lighting conditions. You can choose to manually change the brightness for your cameras.
§ Increase the lighting of your target scene.

My cameras are recording too frequently

§ Reduce camera motion sensitivity on the Settings > Motion dialog window (Advanced settings section > Sensitivity slider).
§ Work with Motion zones on the Settings > Motion dialog window to reduce the area that the camera focuses on.

I am getting too many email messages

Commander sends an email alert when a camera detects motion and the length of the motion meets or exceeds your settings.  To reduce the number of messages, you can:

§ Reduce recording events by reducing motion sensitivity or changing motion zones on the Settings > Motion dialog window (Advanced settings section > Sensitivity slider).
§ Increase the Minimum Motion time on the Settings > Alerts > E-mail dialog screen. (Advanced settings)
§ Increase the Maximum Frequency time on the Settings > Alerts > E-mail dialog screen. (Advanced Settings)

There is a long delay between the live scene and the displayed video image in  Commander

§ Try a different outlet for either the PC or your camera to improve the connection quality.

Video motion is not as smooth when playback speed is increased

This is often caused by asking your PC to display frames faster than it can keep up.  It generally happens when you rotate the jog wheel in Playback screen to playback faster than normal speed.  Under these circumstances, if Commander determines that your PC is getting behind, it will automatically skip so as to not display every frame.  This way, the playback speed corresponds to what you have requested, with in-between frames skipped as required.  When you reduce the playback speed, video viewing should revert to normal smooth motion.

Setup Problems