Commander does not see my cameras

§ Reset the camera by unplugging the power supply and then replugging it in to the wall.
§ Verify that the camera power supply and the network adapter have power by checking the status lights. The Getting Started Guide can help you know what the LED colors represent.
§ Verify that the camera power supply and the network adapter are plugged directly into a power outlet and not a power strip or UPS.
§ Ensure the Ethernet cable connecting the camera with the power supply is secure.
§ Ensure the network adapter is connected securely into the router.
§ Verify that you have properly configured any PC firewalls by reviewing the chapter on Configuring Your PC Firewall.
§ Close other applications that may be interfering with the Commander.
§ Test another power outlet for your camera, perhaps one closer to your PC.
§ Refresh your environment. To do this, 1) restart you computer, 2) reset your network adapter by removing and reconnecting it router-to-network-adapter cable, and 3) reset your cameras by unplugging and re-plugging them into the power outlet.
§ Reset each camera by pressing the reset button on the camera by gently inserting a paper clip into the small hole on the back of the Alert camera and near the network connector on the Outdoor camera.
§ Find the cameras using the application found at Settings > Cameras > Add/Find > Find Cameras.

The Commander seems to run slowly

Commander is a 21st-century application and is tuned for use on modern PCs. Though we provide minimum system requirements for running Alert Commander, you may find some functions operate slowly on underpowered machines.

§ Ensure you are running a PC that meets the minimum system requirements, and preferably one that meets the recommended system requirements.
§ Close unneeded applications running on your computer.
§ Run virus and spyware detection software to ensure your computer is clean.

My camera is not recording motion

§ Check the motion sensitivity settings at Settings > Motion dialog screen. (Advanced settings). You may need to increase your motion sensitivity settings using the Sensitivity slider. Check motion zones to verify what areas you have set up to record upon motion.

The Commander is not sending e-mail alerts

The Commander requires the following elements to send an email alert. Check the following items on the Settings > Alerts > E-mail dialog screen for each camera:

§ Verify your “Send Email alerts to” email addresses are correct.  Use the “Test” button to make sure you can receive e-mail properly.
§ The camera has not been turned off.
§ Adjust the Minimum Motion time to meet your needs.

I am unable to see my site or cameras from My  account

To view your cameras remotely you need four items: proper Commander configuration, an active account, Internet connectivity, and a compatible remote device. Check the following items:

§ Ensure that you have created an online account by registering at
§ Verify that your account name (email address) and password match those used to create your account.

Maintenance Problems