Setup does not automatically run when inserting the CD

§ Ensure that the CD label is facing up.
§ Open the CD from My Computer and double-click the autorun.exe program.
§ Check the CD for scratches or flaws. If you found problems, call  support for a replacement.

The  Commander does not automatically find my cameras

§ Reset the camera by unplugging the power supply and then replugging it in to the wall.
§ Verify that the camera power supply and the network adapter have power by checking if the status lights are illuminated.
§ Verify that the camera power supply and the network adapter are not plugged into a filtered power strip (surge suppressor) or UPS.
§ Ensure the Ethernet cable connecting the camera with the power supply is secure.
§ Ensure the network adapter is plugged securely into the router.
§ Verify that you have properly configured any PC firewalls by reviewing the chapter on Configuring Your PC Firewall.
§ Close other applications that may be interfering with the Commander.
§ Test another outlet for your camera, perhaps one closer to your PC.
§ Refresh your environment. To do this, 1) restart you computer, 2) reset your network adapter by removing and reconnecting the network adapter to router cable, and 3) reset your cameras by unplugging and re-plugging them into the power outlet.
§ Reset the password in your cameras by inserting a paper clip in the small hole in the back of the Alert camera or the bottom of the Outdoor camera and pressing the Reset button (while the camera is running). Then run the Add New Camera function from the Commander (Settings > Cameras > Add / Find screen).
§ Try to identify any sources of interference, such as appliances with motors, touch lamps, dimmers, etc.  Turn these off to help determine if they may be causing difficulty.  If so, you may want to relocate your camera to a different plug on a different circuit, or just farther away.

My video is fuzzy

§ Clean the lens glass with soft cloth designed for cleaning eyeglasses. This will remove any dust or dirt.

My video is too dark or too light

§ Ensure the camera has sufficient light.
§ Use the Settings > Camera > Camera Name > Advanced options to adjust the camera brightness and contrast options. We find Auto Brightness performs best in changing light conditions.

Camera suction cup comes free from the window

§ Clean the window’s surface and the inside area of the suction cup before applying it to the window.
§ Periodically press the suction cup against the glass to strengthen its bond to the window.
§ Use the mini-suction cup and cable wall clips to help route the power supply cable (yellow connector) along the window’s edge and provide additional security to that camera.


Installation Problems