Settings > Storage > Computer tab.


When your camera(s) are connected to the network and Commander is open on your PC, the Commander software copies the recorded video files from the microSD card to the video folder that you specified when you first installed Commander.

The default location for your stored video files on the PC is C:Logitech Alert Recordings.

Commander allows you to change the location to store your video. This is most useful if you end up purchasing an external hard drive and wish to use it to store all of your captured camera recordings.

To change the video location:

1. Click on the Settings icon.

2. Click on Storage. The Computer storage screen displays.

3. In the Video Location field, you can manually enter the new drive and folder name or you can click on the Browse… button to select the drive and folder.

4. Click the Apply button.

Note: The new drive and folder must exist on another hard drive, such as a designated external hard drive that is permanently connected to your PC and Commander has access to it. A CD, DVD, or flash drive cannot be used as a storage medium.

Changing video storage location