Settings > Storage > Computer tab.


The Computer Storage screen shows you how much “Free” and “Used” space is on your PC. You set the storage size for your recorded videos on the PC’s hard drive when you installed Commander software for the first time.

The default setting for stored video allocation is 20% of the total free space, or to the amount of the existing Alert Commander video files, whichever is greater.

If you want to change the storage size setting after this, you have to do it in the Settings > Storage > Computer tab screen.

Use the “Adjust Video Storage” slider to increase or decrease the amount of space you want available for recorded video storage. When you adjust the slider, the PC system graph will automatically change to reflect your changes.  Space allocated to storage of video files is the teal colored section of the pie graph.


Alert Commander adjust video storage Adjusting video storage size

Figure 1: example of Adjust Video Storage slider and system space allocation pie graph.


Note: If you reduce the amount of disk space allocated to video files to a number less than that currently in use, the Commander will slowly reduce the space used as new recordings are created.

Adjusting video storage size