After you have created a web viewing account, you are ready to access the Web Viewer and watch your cameras from anywhere in the world.

1. Read this topic for instructions on the three methods for accessing My Cameras with your web viewing account.
2. Once you log in to for the first time, Web Viewer will remember your login details for the system you are using. Unless, of course, you log out. Then, Web Viewer will prompt you to log in the next time you want to watch your cameras.
3. You can select which Site you want to watch video from, as well as which camera. Simply click on the camera’s name (i.e. Pod 1, Reception, Break Room, or Hallway). Web Viewer connects to that camera and streams live video.

You have 3 minutes to view your camera(s) via Web Viewer. Once your time limit expires, simply renew the current session before the 15 second timer expires or start another viewing session. You can start as many viewing sessions as you need.

Viewing your cameras on the web