Settings > Motion > [Camera name] tab.

Motion Camera dialog open, you can draw the motion zones directly on the video image displaying on the screen.

To manage detection zones for a camera, follow these instructions:

1. Click on the Settings icon.
2. Click Motion in the navigation bar.
3. Click on the name of the camera in which you want to create motion zones.
4. In the Motion Zones section, select the option “Draw your own zones”.
5. Draw your zones.



To create a new zone

To delete a single zone

To delete all zones

To detect motion anywhere on the image

Click and drag (using the left-button of the mouse) until you have created the size for your zone. Then release the left-button on the mouse. It’s that simple.

Note: If you decide that you do not like the zone you are creating, you can hit the Delete key.

Left-click anywhere in the zone and then press the Delete key or click the “Clear Selected” button.

Click the “Clear All”  button.

Select the “Enable Entire Image” option.

Remember, you can create up to 16 motion zones per camera.

Watch the how to video Setting Motion Zones


Manage Motion Detection Zones