Motion detection works by comparing the difference between consecutive frames of video and calculating if any changes in the scene have occurred. Each time the camera detects motion, the camera starts recording and picks up two seconds before actual motion was discovered, so that the recorded video event captures the entire event. The camera also continues recording 5-seconds after the motion stops.

By default, each camera records video when it detects motion. Recording only motion means you are saving disk space for important events.

Also by default, each camera is set so that the entire viewing image acts as a motion zone. But the “entire image,” is a setting that can changed into smaller motion detection zones. In fact, you can define up to 16 zones. Creating smaller motion detection zones is useful, especially if you want to eliminate recording along the road and limit it to only a parking lot.

The motion settings that you have the ability to control include:

§ Increase or decrease the motion sensitivity level
§ Set up to 16 detection zones
§ Delete one or more motion zones


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