Settings > General > Updates tab.


This feature updates the selected camera with the most recent firmware version currently downloaded to your PC’s hard disk. Firmware versions are typically downloaded as part of an overall software update (see Check for Software Updates topic). Commander automatically keeps track of which camera firmware is appropriate for different camera types such as the Alert and Outdoor Cameras.

You must have completed the tasks outlined in the “Check for Updates” topic.

1. Click Settings > General > Updates.
2. Click Update Camera.
3. Check the check boxes next to the cameras you wish to update.
4. Select the firmware file using the Browse button.
5. Click the Update Camera button and wait for the process to complete.


You should note that each time the Commander starts up, it automatically checks the firmware versions on your cameras and the available local firmware files. If it finds that new firmware is available, it will prompt you to update your cameras. As a result, you do not need to worry about manually checking for new camera updates.

Update Camera Firmware