Settings > Diagnostics > Camera Bandwidth > “Run Test” button



This Diagnostic utility tests powerline bandwidth for each camera. The higher bandwidth means smoother video. Low bandwidth may result in choppy/poor video performance or an inability to connect to the camera.

When you run this test, cameras will be temporarily disabled during test and the archiving of recordings will be paused.


To start the camera bandwidth test:

1) Go to Settings > Diagnostics > Camera Bandwidth.

2) Click on “Run Test” button.


Alert Commander diagnostics camera bandwidth small Testing camera bandwidth


Here are few operations that could impact the camera bandwidth performance.


1. You are accessing a camera in online or mobile application.

2. Powerline (when connected through powerline adapter) performance.

3. Your network activity (i.e. if you are streaming movies or downloading a file)

4. Your camera is performing an action, like recording.



Testing camera bandwidth