Settings > Diagnostics > Run Detailed Diagnostics


The Run Detailed Diagnostics report lists comprehensive configuration and status details for your Commander application such as error tests,  remote status, disk usage, network adapter, powerline performance, bandwidth test, cameras, motion detection, and email notifications. These details are used by technical support to better troubleshoot problems.

The diagnostics report is saved on your desktop as

To create the report,

1. Click on the Settings icon.

2. Click on Diagnostics.

3. Click the Run Detailed Diagnostics button. The zip file is saved to your PC’s desktop.

Diagnostics Compiling Note: While the diagnostics information is being collected, video from your cameras will be temporarily disabled.

Installation Note: Log files were created during the installation process in order to collect troubleshooting information. These files are included in your system’s diagnostics summary.

Run detailed diagnostics