Trend Micro may not ask you unique Access Permissions for the Logitech Alert Commander installation. If it does, however, allow access to all requests during the installation and Logitech Update process.


You can expect the Logitech Alert Commander to install successfully. In fact, under the standard setup of Trend Micro, you should not experience any issues running the functions necessary to make Logitech Alert Commander successful. Trend Micro will allow you to view a camera’s live video and recorded video, run the Logitech Updater (for software and camera hardware), send motion alerts, and allow camera video viewing on the Internet when the Personal Firewall in Trend Micro is set to Direct Internet Connection and Medium Protection. (Setting can be found in Personal Firewall Controls > Settings).


Setting Manual Web Viewer Access

If you need to manually set permission for Web Viewer/Web Commander, click on the option “Internet & Email Controls” > Protection Against Web Threats > Settings.


1. Click the Approved Sites link.

2. Click Add.

3. In the “Add the address (URL) of a website” field, enter:

4. Click OK.


Setting Manual Logitech Alert Commander Permissions

If you need to manually set permission for Logitech Commander, click on the option Personal Firewall Controls > Personal Firewall > Settings > Advanced Settings button.


1.Click on the Program Control tab.

2. Click Add.

3. In the Description field, enter: Logitech Alert Commander.

4. In the Target field, click Browse and locate the Logitech Alert Commander.exe file in the Logitech Alert Commander folder in Program Files.

5. For the Settings buttons, select Advanced.

6. Click Add. The “Add or Edit Firewall Network Control Rule” screen displays.

7. For Connection, select Both.

8. For Response, select Allow.

9. In the Protocol dropdown box, select TCP/UDP.

10. Click OK. The new rule will display in the Status box and it will be checked as active.

11. Click OK. The Logitech Alert Commander program control permission rule will display in the Status box. It will be checked as active.

12. Click the OK buttons until you are back at the Main Control screen.  You can now close Micro Trend.

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