Sunbelt may not ask you unique Access Permissions for the Logitech Alert Commander installation. If it does, however, allow access to all requests during the installation and Logitech Update process.


You can expect the Logitech Alert Commander to install successfully. In fact, under the standard setup of Sunbelt firewall, you should not experience any issues running the functions necessary to make Logitech Alert Commander successful. Trend Micro will allow you to view a camera’s live video and recorded video, run the Logitech Updater (for software and camera hardware), send motion alerts, and allow camera video viewing on the Internet.


However, if you encounter Sunbelt personal firewall blocking any of the above functions, you need to create a special application rule for Logitech Alert Commander. To create a special application rule for Logitech Commander, follow these instructions:


1. Click Network Security.

2. Click the Applications tab.

3. Click on the Packet Filter… button. The Network Security Advanced Packet Filter screen displays.

4. Click Add.

5. In the Description field, enter “Logitech Alert Commander”.

6. In the Application field, click on Browse and locate the Logitech Alert Commander.exe file. (The path is: C:Program FilesLogitechLogitech AlertLogitech Alert Commander.exe).

7. In the Protocol section, click Add. (In this section, you will create Protocols for UDP and TCP ports. Details for these ports can be found in the Firewall Requirements section.)

8. In the Remote section, Click Add. (In this section, you will click on Add and select “Add Address.” Enter an IP address for each camera on the network. For help finding the IP address, go to “Finding a camera’s IP address”.

9. In the Direction section, select Both.

10. In the Action section, select Permit.

11. Click OK. The rule called Logitech Alert Commander will display in the Filter Rules list.

12. Click Ok until you exit Sunbelt personal firewall.

Sunbelt Personal Firewall