The Panda Security Suite asks you to allow access for the Logitech Alert Commander during the installation process. Specifically, you will see the warning message: Inbound connection attempt!


Select the option “Always allow the connection”.

Alert Commander panda access 1 Panda Internet Security 2010


You can expect the Logitech Alert Commander to install successfully.


After the installation, Logitech Commander may report that the firewall is still blocking Commander from performing XMPP processes. If you do encounter this warning message, follow this process to give Logitech Alert Commander full access to the Internet and network.


1. Open Panda Internet Security 2010.

2. In the Protection section, click on the Firewall link.

3. In the Rules section, click the Settings… button for “You can specify which programs can access the Internet (or network)”.


Alert Commander firewall protection screen 1 Panda Internet Security 2010


4. You will notice three Logitech programs listed: Logitech Installer, Logitech Alert Commander, and Logitech Updater. Make sure all programs, especially Logitech Installer and Logitech Updater are set to “Allow inbound and outbound connections.”

You will find this option in the dropdown list.


Alert Commander firewall protection screen 2 Panda Internet Security 2010


5. Click Ok.

6. Click Apply.

7. Click Ok. You may close down Panda firewall.

Panda Internet Security 2010