Depending on the version of operating system your PC runs on, and  Commander installation options, Norton Internet Security 2007 may not automatically request your permission to “Allow the  Commander” (Logitech Alert Commander.exe) access to the network and cameras.

Because of this, you may need to manually configure the firewall.

Follow these simple instructions to configure:

1. After opening Norton, select the Norton Internet Security tab.
2. Click on Personal Firewall to see the options.
3. Click Configure to open the configuration page.
4. Click on Program Control.
5. Then Click the Add button to add Commander (commander.exe) to the program list.
6. Add Werks.exe to the programs list with Allow set as the access option. Typically, Commander.exe is installed at “c:Program FilesLogitechLogitech AlertLogitech Alert Commander.exe”.
7. Click Apply to save your change and OK to close the windows.

Norton Firewall 2007