Norton Personal Firewall 2006 is a component of several Symantec security products that include Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton AntiVirus, Symantec Client Security, and others.

1. While you are installing the  Commander, Norton Internet Security will automatically recognize the Commander attempting to access the network. It will prompt you with this Security Alert.
2. Leave the setting as “Always allow connections from this program on all ports.”
3. Click OK.
4. Norton Internet Security will also recognize that the Commander is attempting to access the Internet.  It will prompt you with this Program Alert.
5. Leave the setting as “Allow always” and click OK.

Validate the Setup

We expect these settings will configure the Commander completely for Norton 2006.  However, we recommend that you follow these steps to ensure the settings are accurate:

1. Open “Norton Internet Security” from the system tray (shown) or from the Start…All Programs menu.
2. On the Norton Internet Security management screen, click Personal Firewall.
3. Click the Configure button under the Personal Firewall section.
4. From the Personal Firewall page, click Programs tab.
5. In the Manual Program Control section, scroll down until you find the  Commander.
6. Here you need to set the Internet Access to “Permit All”.
7. Click OK.


NOTE: If you do NOT find the  Commander in the Program list (rare), you will need to click the Add button. On the program dialog, enter the file name “c:Program FilesLogitechLogitech AlertLogitech Alert Commander.exe” and click Open.

If you do this step, you must now repeat the steps 5 – 7. You may also need to restart your PC.

You have now successfully configured Norton Firewall 2006.

Note: If you have more than one firewall application running on your PC, you need to disable or configure each one to run with the Commander.

Norton Firewall 2006