The Norton AntiVirus firewall has an aggressive worm protection feature that blocks the  Commander from giving the cameras a DHCP address when you install  Version 2.0. Even if you have set AntiVirus to allow Commander, AntiVirus still blocks that traffic. These instructions assist you in temporarily disabling Worm Protection until the  Cameras have received an address.

1. Open the Norton Protection Center and click on the Norton AntiVirus tab.
2. Click on the Settings option and click on “Internet Worm Protection”.
3. Click on the “Turn Off” button.
4. Click OK. The Commander only needs the feature turned off temporarily.
5. In the Commander, open the Setup program, click on the Advanced tab, and click on the Find My Cameras button. Follow the instructions of the Wizard. Your camera(s) should be located and up and running within minutes.

Norton AntiVirus 2007