Microsoft Firewall is a standard component for Windows XP, Service Pack 3 (SP3). Microsoft does a good job of automatically asking users to allow Commander to access the network. This automatic configuration method is sufficient in most cases. Here we provide you with instruction for both the automatic and manual configuration methods.

Enable  Automatically

When you first start the Commander, Microsoft Firewall will automatically provide you with a Windows Security Alert, asking you whether you want to block the Commander. You should always choose “Unblock” when the program name is Logitech Alert Commander and the publisher is Logitech.

Alert Commander microsoft security alarm 1 Microsoft Firewall

Enable Commander Manually

In some cases, Windows may not provide you with the automatic alert or you may mistakenly choose to block the Commander. In these and other cases, you need to configure the firewall rules manually.

Follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Open the Microsoft firewall by clicking on the Windows Security Alerts shield icon in the system tray. If you can’t find it, you can open it by going to Control Panel in the Start menu and clicking on the option Security Center.

2. If the Windows Firewall is enabled (On), then find the section called “Manage security settings for” and click on “Windows Firewall”.

Alert Commander microsoft security alarm Microsoft Firewall

3. Click on the Exceptions tab.

4. On the Exceptions tab, check the Logitech Alert Commander box so that it is enabled for network communications.

5. With Logitech Alert Commander line highlighted, click on the “Edit…” button.

Alert Commander microsoft security alarm 2 Microsoft Firewall

6. If you do NOT see the Commander in the Programs and Services list (rare), you will need to choose “Add Program…” and find the Logitech Alert Commander in the list of programs or Browse to it at “C:Program FilesLogitechLogitech AlertLogitech Alert Commander.exe”.

Alert Commander microsoft security alarm 3 Microsoft Firewall

7. Click the “Change scope…” button.

8. Select the option “Any computer (including those on the Internet)”.

Alert Commander microsoft security alarm 4 Microsoft Firewall

9. Click the OK button until you close out of all open Windows Firewall screens. Then, close down Windows Security Center by clicking on the [X] icon.

Microsoft Firewall