All users with the McAfee Security Center running on their PC must follow these instructions in order for the  Commander to run.


During the installation process of Logitech Alert Commander, McAfee will notify you that Logitech Alert Commander and Logitech Updater are wanting Internet Access. For both warnings, select “Allow Always”.


Alert Commander mcafee 1 McAfee Security Center   Alert Commander mcafee 2 McAfee Security Center


Even if you accept to “Allow”  network access at installation time, the McAfee Security firewall will block your cameras.

Follow these instructions to ensure access.

1. Open McAfee Security Center.
2. On the Home window, click on the option “Internet & Network” and then click the Configure button. The Internet & Network Configuration window displays.
3. Click on the Firewall Protection is Enabled option and then click on the Advanced… button.
4. In the Firewall panel, select the option “Program Permissions”.
5. In the Program Permissions panel, locate the  Commander program name and highlight it.  If it is highlighted, details about the program will display in the Program Details panel, as shown in the graphic above.  In the Action panel, click the option “Grant Full Access”.
5. From the Firewall panel, click on the option “System Services”.
6. In the System Services panel, locate the option “Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Port 5000″ and click in the checkbox so that it is marked.
7. Click OK to save your options.
8. You have finished setting firewall configurations for McAfee Security Center. Close McAfee Security Center.


Checking Program Permissions

To check program permissions, follow these instructions:


1. Click Firewall: On >.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Program Permissions.

4. Find Logitech Alert Commander and Logitech Updater. Make sure that both programs have Full permission. If they do not, click on each program (individually) and then click Edit. In the Access dropdown field, select Full and then click Save.

5. Click on the [X] icon in the Firewall: On section to go back to the main menu.


Setting Ports & System Services for Logitech Commander Program

The 2010 version of McAfee Security Center may require additional setups than those specified above. To set Ports and System Services for Logitech Commander, follow these instructions:

1. Click Firewall: On >.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Ports and System Services.

4. Click Add. The Add System Service Port screen displays.

5. In the System Service Name field, enter “Logitech TCP & UPnP Ports”.

6. In the System Service Category field, enter “TCP & UPnP ports”.

7. In the Service Description field, enter a description such as “UPnP Discovery, UPnP Control, video streaming, web viewing, e-mail notifications, DHCP, etc”.

8. In the TCP/IP Ports field, enter the port numbers: 25, 80, 443, 5222, 20570-20575, 22211, 500000-65000.

9. IN the UDP Ports field, enter the port numbers: 67-68, 1900, 5800-5821.


Alert Commander mcafee 4 McAfee Security Center


10. Click Save. Notice that your new Port for Logitech TCP & UDP displays in the list.


Alert Commander mcafee 5 McAfee Security Center


11. Click the [X] icon in the Firewall:On section to go back to the main menu.

McAfee Security Center