Though the purpose of McAfee’s Privacy Service is to monitor and control access to the Internet, and to keep personal data from being sent to the Internet from your computer, it has been found that it intercepts and blocks streaming video from the  cameras from the  Commander or from a remote site or device.

If your system is running under McAfee Privacy Service and you are experiencing these problems, we encourage you to remove Privacy Service from your computer.

To remove privacy service:

1. Save all of your work and close any open applications.
2. Open the Control Panel:

For Windows 2000 users, select Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

For Windows XP users, select Start and then click Control Panel.

3. Open the Add/Remove Programs dialog box:

For Windows 2000 users, double-click Add/Remove Programs.

For Windows XP users, click Add or Remove Programs.

4. Select McAfee Privacy Service from the list of programs, and then click Change/Remove.
5. When asked to confirm the operation, click Yes.
6. When you are prompted to restart your system, click Close. Your computer restarts to complete the un-installation process.

McAfee Privacy Service