When you install Logitech Commander, CA Internet Security Suite (ISS) will prompt you with 2 program access prompts. Click on Always > Always Allow.

Alert Commander ca internet security access 1 CA Internet Security Suite


After Logitech Commander is installed, you should be good to go in the default setting of “Home Network”.

You can view a camera’s live video, run the Logitech Updater (for software and camera hardware), send motion alerts, and see camera videos on the Internet.


If Commander reports access issues, follow these instructions:


Setting Program Rules Manually

To give full internet access to Logitech Alert Commander, follow these instructions.

1. Open CA Security Center. To do this, go to Start, All Programs, CA, CA Internet Security Suite and CA Security Center.

2. Click on Update Settings in the My Computer panel.

3. Click on the Program Rules tab.

4. Under “Add a new program rule,” type Logitech Alert Commander as the name for the program rule.

5. Click Start.


Alert Commander ca firewall rule 1 CA Internet Security Suite



Wizard Step 1 – Create Rule Profile

a)    Type a description for the rule in the first box.

b)    Under “Assign this rule to a program or group,” select “SafeApps” because you want unrestricted internet access.

c)    Under Specify account type, leave the setting as System and User Accounts.

d)    Click on Next.


Alert Commander ca firewall rule 2 CA Internet Security Suite


Wizard Step 2 – Set Objects


a)    Against Specify an object this rule monitors, select Create a new object.

Note that CD-ROM files, Fixed drives, etc. can be directly selected here as a single object to be monitored by the firewall.

b)    Against Object Name, type a name.

c)    Against Object Description, type short details.

d)    Against Object Type, select File or folder.

e)    Click the Add button.

Browse and select the program’s EXE file you would like the firewall to monitor (and allow internet access).

f)    Click the Next button.

Alert Commander ca firewall rule 3 CA Internet Security Suite



Wizard Step 3 – Monitor

Against Read, Create, Write and Delete, drop down and select Allow.

Click the Next button.

Alert Commander ca firewall rule 4 CA Internet Security Suite


Wizard Step 4 – Schedule

a)    Select Run always to enable this rule during all days at all times.

b)    Click the Next button.

c)    Click on Done.

Alert Commander ca firewall rule 5 CA Internet Security Suite


Select the check box under the Enable column for the program rule you just created.

Your rule is now active and monitoring the program you wanted to give full access for.


Alert Commander ca firewall rule 6.zoom100 CA Internet Security Suite



Checking Program Access

1. Click on the Computer icon. The “Keep My Computer Safe” screen displays.

2. In the “How can you avoid threats?” section, click on “View Settings”.

3. Click on “Program Access”.

4. In the list of programs, find the Logitech Alert Commander.exe path. It will most likely be truncated and appear like this: C:Program…mmander.exe.

Alert Commander ca firewall 3 CA Internet Security Suite



5. In the Inbound dropdown list, select Allow.

6. In the Outbound dropdown list, select Allow.

7. Click the “Edit” link. The Program Security screen for the Logitech Alert Commander program displays.

8. Add a checkmark for every option and click Apply.

9. Close CA Security Center.

CA Internet Security Suite