Settings > Cameras > [Camera name] tab.


From the Live screen of Commander, click the Settings > Cameras and then choose the Camera name tab to modify the camera settings. Here is a list of the options for that camera:



Camera Name

Set the name to display on the video screen and setup camera button.

Enable/Disable audio

Turn input audio on or off.

Show LEDs for…

Turn on or turn off the “status”,  ”motion”, or both LEDs for the camera. “Status” LEDs are diagnostic LEDs.

Title display

Click one of 4 positions within the box to set the screen location for the name.


Click to change the color of the text shown on the video image.

Video Image

Turn on or turn off the camera’s ability to automatically adjust image brightness and contrast with the changing conditions. Default option is “Auto Levels” turned on (checked).

Brightness +/-

Slide the bubble toward + to brighten and toward the – to darken the image.


Contrast +/-


Slide the bubble toward the + or – to adjust image contrast.

Flip Image

Check to flip image vertically when camera is mounted upside down.

Mirror Image

Check to flip image horizontally like a mirror.

Night Vision

[Indoor 700n Night Vision & Outdoor 700e Camera setting only]

When the Enable checkbox is marked, the Night Vision LEDs are turned on during low light situations and then turn off during the day.  When the checkbox is not selected, the Night Vision capability is disabled. The default setting is “Enabled.”

Remove Camera

Click button to remove the selected camera from the list of active cameras in Commander. However, it does not delete any stored video.



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