Settings > Cameras  > [Camera Name] > Remove Camera link.


When you unplug a camera from your system, Commander retains the settings of the camera (password, name, position, etc.), allowing you to move your camera to other needed locations around your home or office. In all, Commander  anticipates that you will return the camera to the system. If you are permanently removing a camera from the system, you can delete the stored camera information using the Remove Camera button.

Here are the steps for this process:

1. Open the Settings program.
2. Click on the Cameras tab.
3. Click on the Camera Name tab that represents the camera you wish to remove from the system.
4. Click on Remove Camera button and follow the instructions to confirm the delete.

Note: Removing a camera will remove all of your local camera configuration options for the selected camera, but it does not delete the stored video.

Removing a camera