Settings > Cameras > Add/Find tab.


The Find Cameras wizard automatically attempts to find all of the cameras on your network, including any new cameras you may have just plugged in. The wizard is also helpful in situations where Commander cannot find a camera and the wizard helps troubleshoot and find it.

Follow these instructions to include the new camera on the Commander network:

1. Click on Settings > Cameras > Add/Find.
2. Click the Find Cameras button. The Find Cameras wizard displays.
3. Enter the number of cameras you expect the wizard to find. For these instructions, we want the Commander to find 2 cameras.
4. Click Next >. The Search for Cameras screen displays.

Cameras that have been discovered will display in their camera video window. Camera video windows for undiscovered cameras will display in gray and display the unfound camera icon.  

5. When Commander has successfully found all of cameras, click Next >  to display the “Name My Cameras” screen. On this screen, you can enter or edit the name of each camera.

If a camera was not found, you can click “Yes” to continue setting up the camera that was discovered. Or, you can click the “No” button and have the wizard make another attempt to find the missing camera.

6. Click Finish to close.

Find My Cameras Wizard