Settings > Alerts  > Desktop.


Desktop alerts are alert messages that display in the corner of your desktop screen. These alert messages pop up when a camera goes missing or is found, and when a motion detection event is captured by a camera.

The Desktop settings screen allows you to set a unique sound for each camera’s notification alert. This means that you not only see the alert message but hear it, as well.

(The computer must be on and at the same location as the cameras in order to receive desktop alerts.) The screen is accessible at located at Settings > Alerts > Desktop.

Alert Commander setting desktop notifications Setting desktop notifications



Alert tones

Commander gives you up to thirty fun sounds that you can attach to an alert message. Choose from sounds such as: big guard dog, small guard dog, alien, car alarm, home alarm, camera/polaroid click, cash register, or horse whinny.

Test out a sound before you assign it to an event. Simply click the play icon to play the sound displaying in the dropdown field.

Setting desktop notifications