Settings > Alerts


Use this screen to apply or create new alert schedules for each of your cameras, enter the recipients you want to  receive alerts, and define the frequency you receive notifications.


To help you get started, Alert Commander comes with pre-set schedules: Always On, Always Off, Nights Only, School Week, Weekdays Only, Weekend Only, Work Week. But if these are not right for you, you can edit any pre-set schedule or create your own.


When you install Alert Commander, it obeys your previous e-mail alert settings, “Always On” or “Always Off.”  If “Always On,” the camera will continue sending alerts 24/7 until you select a pre-set alert time period or create a customized alert schedule.  If “Always Off,” no alerts will be sent.


Alert Commander view icon Scheduled alerts overview Click the View icon to access the alert schedule calendar to view the settings for the selected alert schedule. Note: “Always On” and “Always Off” cannot be edited.


Click “Create new alert schedule” to set a new time period for your needs.



Enter up to five e-mail addresses for recipients you want to receive alerts. You can also edit and remove recipients.



Includes Alert Frequency and Motion Filter options, which allow you to establish a minimum time between alerts; and set a minimum length of motion necessary to trigger an alert.


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