This topic assumes you are already using a pre-set schedule. (See “Using a pre-set alert schedule” for help.)


Alert Commander view icon Editing a pre set scheduleClick the View icon next to the schedule you want to modify (i.e. Weekdays Only).  The alert schedule calendar displays. You cannot modify the “Always On” or “Always Off” schedules.


The gray zones of the calendar are the set time schedules when you will receive alerts.


Click & Drag Editing

1) Edit an alert schedule by using the following click and drag options:


· Click and drag a time schedule to move to another time.


· Click on a time schedule and drag the border to increase or decrease the scheduled length of time.

Alert Commander click n drag Editing a pre set schedule

· Click on an open time cell to start a new time period; and click and drag over many time cells to add a longer schedule.


· To delete a time period, click on it and press the Delete key.


2) Click the Save button to apply the new schedule.


Manually editing a schedule

1) Double-click on a scheduled time period and click the “Edit” button.


Alert Commander schedule details Editing a pre set schedule


2) Use the day and time fields to make changes to your schedule; and then click “Save.”


Alert Commander saving manual time schedule Editing a pre set schedule


3) Click the “Save” button to accept and apply the new schedule.

Editing a pre-set schedule